File Polling Port Start/Stop API


Does anyone knows if there’s any API i can use to start and stop the file polling port running on IS 6.01?

thanks in advance


Hi Kenny,

It’s not a published API (as far as I know), but you can reverse-engineer it from the security-ports.dsp page and accompanying Javascript functions.

Basically, the two services you need to use are:

  • wm.server.ports:listListeners - Lists all configured listener ports, and,
  • - Used to administer (incl. enable/disable) a listener

You can’t browse to these services, so you need to create dummy invoke steps (e.g. pub.flow:debugLog) and then cut/paste the fully-qualified service names into the Properties page (i.e. replace “pub.flow:debugLog” with “wm.server.ports:listListeners”).

The first service returns all the configured ports and listeners. You need the “key” and “pkg” values returned from this service to plug in to the second service for the listener you want to enable/disable.

The “ListenerAdmin” service takes three parameters, which you will need to create in the input pipeline:

  • operation - set this to “enable” or “disable” to start/stop the listener
  • listenerKey - map the “key” value from the first step for the listener you want
  • pkg - map the “pkg” value from the first step for the listener you want

Hope this helps.


Steve Ovens

thanks steve,

will try it out.

I just used this procedure and found that the and where easier to use then the service.

They take 2 parameters port and pkg from listeners Map key to port and pkg to pkg. You will have to create the String parameters on the call. A String named message is returned with a success or failed message this helps a lot in debugging.