File polling port - files not moving to Error folder

Env : IS 6.1, SP2 on Windows 2003.

We have two different file polling, one polls XML files and other as EDI doc’s in TXT files.

I have a question related to files moving to error folder by file poller when error in

polled files.

  1. When does file poller moves files to error folder and what triggers this condition?

I would appreciate to receive your suggestions/comments for a problem, I have in connection

to this,

  1. webMethods polls XML and TXT files from the same remote AS/400 machine under same root

folder but different sub-folder. The sub-folder for each poll contains it’s own Monitor,

Complete, Error, and Work folder like listed below,

\POTMS\XML\Inbound\Monitor, \Complete, \Error, \Work
\POTMS\EDI\Inbound\Monitor, \Complete, \Error, \Work

Both these files are integrated to same application and parent flow service has top level

try/catch block. Both have similar error handling for parent and child service and child

service inserts records into target application.

When error in XML transaction is encountered while insert into target apps. for any reasons

due to data or integrity in tables, etc., file poller moves polled file to Error folder, if

end-to-end transaction is not completed. However, this does not happen with TXT files poll

process. Even, with errors in end-to-end process, file poller moves monitored TXT file to

Complete folder.

XML files has 3 different polling services and all moves to error folder, if any errors.
EDI TXT files has 2 different polling services, but both does not move to error folder.

Please suggest to help me solve this issue.