File Polling on remote machine


Can anyone tell me, would File Polling port polls on remote machine.

We have enabled cluster and hence we need the machines in our cluster to poll on the same location.

Details of our environment:

Operating System: Solaris 8.2
webMethods Version : webMethods 6.5

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No , but in UNIX you can make the remote directory local to the integration server, this way IS can poll

hi hmohammad,

you mean by mapping the remote drive to local box right ?

I’m doing remote polling on WM Windows server. I’m using a UNC name “\server\share” to do file polling for our FTP site on a Unix server. This works well, but I only have the file polling active on one server in our cluster to prevent files from being processed by both WM servers in the cluster.

WM Support says the file polling listeners are not cluster aware and there’s no way to prevent files from being processed by both. They suggested making the services that get called cluster aware by some mechanism – as a work-around.