File polling NFS run in different cluster IS server

Dear all

Now there have a situation,I have two separate systems,and the one have two IS server in cluster,and the other one also have two IS server in cluster,but the two cluster system is complete independence.

The first cluster system(two IS server) have hanged on NFS,and the file polling port also enable in two IS server.

And I have a question about the file polling port whether can hang on the other cluster system.

And when add file polling port ,there have a configuration about Enable Clustering ,

If the IS server install in cluster environment,the value should set YES otherwise set NO

And could the other different cluster server create the same file polling port and enable?

Why would you want to do that?
How would you control which server picks up that file and processes?
If code is same in both IS cluster, why is it not a 4 node cluster?

The system structure setup following customer requirements.The mainly reason is standby if the first cluster IS server have some trouble.and the system architecture is totally independence.

Considering the problem of picking up and processing files.hence I want to confrim whether the NFS server can hang on the othere cluster IS server and enable the file polling port.

In my opinion,the NFS can hang on the othere cluster IS server and just can’t enable the file polling port otherwise there will be conflict to catch and process files.