File Polling is going me crazy !!!

Hi there,

I’m quite a newbie in WebMethods and was developping some service to make some operations on a CSV file.

Fact is that service is working well with the file I’ve to supply, but given the fact that we need to handle multiple files, I would like to get them by a file Poller.

I’ve set up my configuration with the instructions on this site for the file processing and this site for the File Polling configuration.

Fact is that my file polling polls very well my CSV, by moving it in the error directory. At the same time, the pub.flow:getTransportInfo isn’t able to give the file name to the rest of my functions.

You may find in attachment some screenshots of my configuration.

Suggestions are welcome, and thanks for any help provided !

File_poller_help.doc (123 KB)

Ref: []

The WmFlatFile package registers a content handler for the content type “application/x–wmflatfile.” This content handler passes the contents of the flat file to the service specified in the submit method in an InputStream named ffdata.

You need to define a ffdata object in file poller service and convert ffdata using pub.string:bytesToString to get the CSV as String and use FF Dictionary/schema and related service to process it further.