File Polling from Different server


Is it possible to perform file polling on a different server, where IS is not residing? ( Note: server running the IS is having access to the another server)

Thanks in Advance.

IS can poll any directory to which it has privileges, including network shares/mounts.


Thanks for reply, i’ve the following scenario. IS is residing on physical server (A) with IP address as x.x.x.x and another server (B) ( say UNIX/Windows) with IP y.y.y.y. In server B files are placed in directory XYZ.

XYZ directory in Machine B is my file polling directory. can you tell me how can I set up the File Polling ports in this scenario.


You can get the specific setup instructions from the documentation.

How the directory path is set within the file polling screen will depend on the host OS of A and on the remote OS. If you’re accessing a Unix machine from Windows, then you’ll need either something like Samba on the Unix side (to make the drive appear as a Windows share) or Unix client software on the Windows side.

If you’re using IS file polling on a Unix box, then you’ll need software that will let you access the remote directory (Unix or Windows).


Windows share: \servername\directory
Windows drive/mapped drive: n:\directory
Unix directory: /mounted_directory

The keys to remember: the directory must be accessible by the OS as the command-line level. If it isn’t, IS won’t be able to access it either. IS should have full privileges to the monitoring directory and the working/error/done directories.