File polling - FPL.0003.0004 - Issue

Hi Everyone,

I try to use remote windows folder for filepolling and our webMethods server resides in windows box.

So i used Map drive option to connect the folder location.

In file polling configuration in ISAdmin–>Ports–< i mentioned folder name like Y:\test
[Y:\ is mapped to remote server and its like D:\sharefolder]

test folder present inside D:\sharefolder\test in the remote machine.

and while enabling, i am getting the following error.
Failed to start FilePollingListener:Y:\test: [FPL.0003.0004] Monitoring Directory does not exist.

Please advise.

Thanks for your help!

Try it without the double backslashes. Y:\test

Be aware also that if you’re running IS as a service that services do not normally have network privileges and do not see mapped drive letters. The service needs to login using an account with network privileges and the network share should be specified in the file polling port as \servername\directory.