File Polling Error

Hi all,

Recently i downloaded file polling sample package from SAG. For this i only need to create to a file polling port and drop a flat file. But each time file is going to error directory. The flow step is:

input for this service is: ffdata of type object

Please help me.


Do you have a save/restore pipeline in your code. If yes , thats taking your file to error dir. You cannot serialise stream objects.


can you show us the the error message when you invoke the service?
try to set the debug logging level for server to info or above, then rerun the service again.
you can capture the error message from IS admin->logs->server

show us the mapping of the pipeline for each of the service as well.

make sure your file polling is configure to invoke the right service.

to confirm your input received (ffdata), you can change your flow service to below,