File Polling and Shared Network Folders

Call me dumb, but why on earth would you need a developer installed for file polling to work? I think this is a ticket for webMethods :-(.

But just wanted to mention that replacing the I/O adapters with ISs means licensing questions. We are in a similar boat, and since we did not have enough IS licenses to cover all the machines, we decided to upgrade just the broker and leave the flatfile adapters as they are.

Please let us know if webMethods can actually answer why installing the developer fixes the polling problem.


Developer has nothing to do with your network access issues. Make sure that the user under whose name you are running the Integration Server has permissions to mount the remote network directory. Do not assume because YOU are logged into the box and YOU have access that the process user Id has access.

Flat file polling is a server function and the developer adds no value to the mix. The fact that you installed developer and your network share worked is purely coincidental.

Also factor in that you are running in Windows. I have run the file polling function in unix and windows both with no problems.


Ray Moser is correct. The problem was one of security. Whether or not webMethods software was installed was a red herring.

Thanks for your replies.

Hi All,
I’m facing the same problem please let me know hot to get rid of msg,

[FPL.0003.0004] Monitoring Directory does not exist.

Thnk and Rgds.


Just check out on the remote machine, whether you have full control of the directory you are using File Polling.
Atleast you should have the access permission of Read and Write.
If you dont have the rights first grant user with rights (Full control is preffered) but atleast you should give user rights of Read and Write.
After that try out and it will work.


Jay/ Ray,

Is the file polling on the remote servers workable solution scalable across multiple Integration Servers ? I mean can I poll the same shared directory from multiple Integration Servers, which are not in clustered environment but are Load Balanced using Alteons ?

Thanks in advance.


I’m sure that you can do that, but I am not sure what the result would be since I have not tested this specific functionality outside of either a single-server instance or a clustered instance.

In a clustered instance, each machine in the cluster is a node belonging to the application space so to the application, it appears as one machine. Also, the repository kicks in to persist run-time variables between nodes.

I wonder what would happen if one box greps the directory for files almost simultaneous to another. My question is would you generate a file not found error?

Another thought: you could possibly try this if you staggered the file polling between boxes so that no box polls at the same time. I would seek to synchronize the machine times for this to work correctly.

One other aspect that requires substantial thought is the processing time of LARGE documents. I have seen file polling used when processing large data dumps where the partners have FTP’d the files into the system and IS scans and processes. Make sure that you use working directories because IS will actually move the file out of the polled directory into the working directory.

If this is a production instance, I strongly suggest clustering the boxes since it will provide the failover normally required.

Load balancing normally either round-robins or monitors response times and delegates the request to the server with the quickest response. But does not provide for failover.

i have multiple files ,i have to execute only one file in shared folder , how to do that.

Hi Nagendra,

I suggest you to create a new thread/post explaining details about your query. Details are not clear to me what are you asking and also it is difficult for some one to go through such large and old thread.


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