File Polling and Failure of service for multifile


I am working on File polling integrations in wM 6.5. :slight_smile: The flow service gets triggered when the file is being submitted and the service gets processed. But when another file is submitted in a few minutes after the first file, the processing on first file gets interrupted and the second file processing starts. The first remains in the working directory (stopped)and the second file gets processed and moves to the completion directory.

My first question: can’t a service process multiple files?

Second Question: if no, then is there any possible way of keeping the incoming files in the monitoring directory and moving it to the working directory as soon as the processing of first is completed?(I mean can we queue the files and process) and how to do this?

I have increased the number of invocation threads from 3 to 10(Max). But still the same issue.:mad: The Polling interval is 10 seconds

Have any one come across such issue :confused: If so, please help me to sort this issue.


Can you share details on what your service is doing?

With file polling, the same service code is used in different threads–up to the max threads you define in the polling port. The behavior you describe implies that the service itself is doing something that isn’t thread safe. Perhaps the second thread is getting to a specific step in your service that causes the first thread to hang.

You can serialize processing of files by setting the number of invocation threads to 1.


In my integration, We are sending some request which uses wsdl service and post soap rpc calls. Since there many request send to the application using the wsdl service in loop, I think the two or more file which are processed gets interrupted by the other. Any way I ran the service by setting the number of invocation threads to 1, I was able to serialize the
file processing. Now there is no interruption. Many Thanks to you.

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