File Polling adapter

Currently we have one file polling adapter on 4.6 version of webmethods hosted on unix server,

We have old written script in Unix, which stops and starts the adapter for particular time period using the command:

adapter start CICProd201@brokerprod201[broker@servername] Adpt_CISPublish_FileIO[Adapter name]

adapter stop CICProd201@brokerprod201 Adpt_CISPublish_FileIO

Now we are in process of migrating the file poling adapter on the webmethods 6.5 version which is on windows server. Now we have to change the abaove script.

We have two option:

  1. Create the scheduler service which start and stop the adapter
  2. continue with existing script

If we go with second option, is there is any command by which we can start and stop the adapter on 6.5 version on windows.

I am not sure how File polling adapter was working in wM 4.6 version. Right from 6.5, it is just some configuration steps that you have to follow in IS admin page to create File polling port that checks for file existence at specified interval.

Are you still migrating this to 6.5? They are already out of date, and why dont you think of migrating to the latest?


Thanks Senthil for the reply.

I wanted to know is there any way we can enable and disable the file polling adapter from windows .bat file ?

Hi Amit,
File polling adapter is something that is built into IS. You cannot really enable/disable it manually. It doesn’t come as a separate component while you install the product. You can create file polling ports and if you are not using them, all you have to do is disable the ports.


Not sure why you are trying to make this complicated but if you really want to do this from a windows bat file, follow these steps.

  1. Create a bat script to get the file listeners.cnf and change the enabled value to false for the identified file poller true and save it.
  2. Reload the package which has the listeners.cnf config file.


  • If you have other listeners in the same package and the listeners.cnf gets corrupted during this task then your other listeners are also hosed.
  • If you have your poller in the WmRoot package and the listener.cnf get corrupted, i got two words “Good luck”.

Best practice, Listen to what was suggested in last post.


It’s not an “adapter” any longer. It is a “port.”

Ports can be disabled/enabled easily enough in IS Administrator.

It will be something of a challenge to programmatically do this though since there are no services intended for our use to help do this.

Just thinking out loud here.

All i can think of this functionality in a bat file being useful is when you want to have a back door entry in to production systems (or any restricted systems) to enable or disable ports on the fly(in this case). All you will need is, an access to a staging folder (or an access to a network map drive on that host) on the prod system and in the bat script use the “invoke-command” to modify the listeners.cnf (or any other file).

Thanks all for the suggestion. Finally we are decided to go for the existing built in IS services for enabling and disabling the ports.