File poller question

Ous IS is installed on a Win2K box. There is a share on the AS400 that the IS box has a drive mapped to. Under the share are 2 directories, one for uploads (writing to) and one for downloads (picking up from).
I am able to write to both the upload and download directories without any problems.
I have a file poller set up to poll the download directory but it does not pick up the file. The naming conventions are correct, the ports have the correct permissions, there no error messages, I’ve up the logging.
It’s as if the file isn’t there.

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions.


I believe I remember an issue regarding polling network drives not working due to the need for the polling mechanism to copy the file to the working directory.

My suggestion would be to either move the downloads directory to the IS and share it from there, or wirte your own polling routine and schedule it. The PSUtilities package has a listFiles service that returns the list of files (among other things). pub.file:getFile can be used to read in the data. There are also moveFile, copyFile and deleteFile services in PSUtilities.

Hope this helps.

Found the problem.
The file name had an upper case extension and the poller was defined for lower case.
Theo thanks for the tip though

Another problem.
created another file poller port.
Duplicated the existing service and renamed, attached it to the new port.
The problem is that originalFileName and fileName is not in the pipeline so the service fails.
Deleted the port and re-created it but the problem persists.

Any ideas?


Create that new filepollerport on different package name.or else reload the existing package and give it a shot.

Final option restar the IS is a basic help.


It is on a different package, the server was restarted this morning.
No luck.
Any other ideas?


Apparently unless you force the content-type to plain/text these variables do not show up in the pipeline. There are some inconsistencies in the content handlers. Therefore the fix is either to change the file extension to txt or the content-type to plain/text on the poller.

Can you get round this by calling pub.flow:getTransportInfo (or whatever it’s called).
I think that should retrieve the original filename for you…

Nathan Lee
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