File permissions Enterprise Integrator

(sorry for the cross-post btw because I also sent this to “Troubleshooting”)


Using the Enterprise Integrator (EI) (inplemented by JDEdwards), I run into a problem regarding file permissions.

Let me first describe the situation:

I have a directory in which some data file always exists. However, I may only read from it when a so-called lock file is put into the directory. (Yes, this is a weird way to do locking, but we have to comply to it).

So, I use the File Poll to check the directory. Obviously, it will see the data file each time, so I perform a check on the filename, and, if it’s the lockfile, we read the datafile. Otherwise, we leave the datafile alone.

Now comes the problem: the lockfile must be deleted ater the reading of the data file, so that the other party can write to the datafile again. I want to do that through a Custom Code block.

Now the problem is that the IOadapter throws a Java file permission exception as soon as I touch the directory. I may not even call “if (file.exists ())”. It looks to me that EI is making itself a “sandbox” because by default a Java-application
has access to it’s host filesystem. Modifying the .policy file does not help,
neither does the documentation tell us about it.

So, my first question is: may a Custom Code block access a filesystem (the shipped operations like the File Poll may), and if yes, how can this be accomplished?

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Yes, your custom code can access the file system, however you must go to the adapter that the respective integration component belongs to and UN-CHECK the Enable Script Security property on the Java tab.


it works now. Thanks alot!