file gateway can not get any data

I built a file reply gateway which used “;” as item seperator, and it was checked to correct in XML Gateways Web Service Wizard.Then I used the Administration Console to deploy it and used the test function to check.I entered the key words as searching conditon,and I found there is no error in running time ,but i can’t get any data.
At the same time , i used the example provided by the EntireX Gateway (autotablelookup example),and do the same as above.I entered the key word as seanrching condition,it searched nothing.
I want to know if there is something wrong with my operator.


Export the repository that contains the file replay gateway you created. Post it and the data file that is read by the gateway.

The key for the autotable lookup is 20 bytes padded with spaces. If you haven’t already it might be helpful to go through the tutorial in the documentation.



Yes.In the autotable lookup I actually filled in the key work padding space to 20 bytes,but I still can not get any result. (11.8 KB)

There is the file that gateway used.
222.txt (171 Bytes)


The message definition for an FS reply gateway should have a table section followed by items for each field in the row. I’ve attached a sample and the data file used by the gateway. When you import this sample, change the web service url and the directory on the file system connection.


Jason (6.13 KB)

Thank you.I’ve run your sample,but the result SMH displayed is null , the same to file gateway in Please give me some advice about the file gateway.

This is Input Message.

<?xml version="1.0"?>




This is Response Message.
<MyCompanyTable_table xmlns="">

Hello Steven,

If both examples don’t work for you then the next step is to request assistance from Software AG regional support. They will need to know more about your environment: operating system, language, Java version and application server. If you are using JBoss they will also need your Jboss boot.log and server.log.