FF to PAIN001 XML format

Hi Guys,

Need help with FF to XML mapping.

I have got a fixed length flat file with below details:

FH (File header - Occurs once)
BH (Batch header - file can have multiple BH/BT group)
DT(Detail line - One BH/BT group can have multiple detail lines)
BT(Batch Trailer)
FT (Occurs once)

I need to convert it to an ISO PAIN 001 format, which roughly goes like below:
Group header (Non repetitive - This will have details from FH and FT)
PaymentInfo (Unlimited occurrences - This will have details from the BH and BT recod types)
DebtorDetila (Unlimited occurences - This will have details from teh DT record type)

I am following the below steps to accomplish it:

Created a FF schema using the the fixed length mapping and with a similarindentation as described above.
Created a PAIN001 XML document type using the PAIN001 xsd.

  1. Get the ff file from the source using sftp
  2. decompose it using the ff schema created as above in convertToValues step
  3. map all variables from the “convertToValues” step to the XML document type
  4. use documentToXMLString to create the XML string
  5. sftp it to the destination

This process works 100% when there is one FH-BH-DT-BT-FTblock in my incoming flat file, but it fails to
extract all values from the ff, when we have multiple BH-DT-BT blocks with a file. It will only bring back FH-BH-BT-FT details in XML dropping all DT blocks.
Do I need to run this in loop or something to get the desired output. Any help small or big will highly be

Hi Dhiraj,

first of all I would ask you to provide your wM version.

Do all the record types have the same fixed length?
Is there an indentifier to distinguish the different record types?

Can you provide some samples of the incoming ff doc type and the outgoing XML format (for which you hopefully have an XSD at hand as this eases the creation of the DocType in Designer)?


Thanks Holger for you response. we are using

I have attached the xsd. I used this xsd to create the document type to map the converted ff values to.

I have also attached the mapping details. The record identifiers are FH, BH, DT, BT, FT. The fixed length is 600.

As I mentioned earlier, Between FH and FT record types, we will have different batches strating with BH and ending with a BT record Type while each batch can also have multiple DT records.

For example:


AC Pain mapping for Collection.docx (26.6 KB)
pain.008.001.10.xsd (56.2 KB)

Hi Holger,

I know its December time and most of us are on holiday. In case, you have some free time, please may I request for you to provide some insight and guidance.



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