FF Adapter: Composites within Fixed-Length Records

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This question is in relation to Flat File schemas and dictionaries:
Is it possible to use Composites in Fixed-Length records? I tried to, but I haven’t been able to make it work. It seems like composites are really geared towards delimited files.

Here’s my problem: I have several records that partially share the same structure. For example, I have 3 different records of 100 characters each. The layout for the first 50 characters is exactly the same for all 3 records. The layout for the last 50 characters differs from record to record. So I wanted to create a composite that defines the layout for the first 50 characters so I can use that composite in each of the 3 record definitions.

Is this (or something similar) possible?



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Sorry,i am unfamiliar using with composite based Fixed position flatfiles,so couldnt help you much on this.First thing how composite fields sit in the fixed flatfile,can you give some sample of your layout should be.

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Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Let’s say I have 3 fixed length records: WMUser, SoccerPlayer, and Student.

The layout for WMUser is:
FirstName (15 chars), MI (1 char), LastName (15 chars), UserId (10 chars), JoinDate (8 chars)

The layout for SoccerPlayer is:
FirstName (15 chars), MI (1 char), LastName (15 chars), Position(10 chars), Team (10 chars), GoalsPerGame (2 chars)

The layout for Student is:
FirstName (15 chars), MI (1 char), LastName (15 chars), Grade (10 chars), GPA (4 characters)

I would like to be able to setup a composite (or something similar) called Person, for example, and define it as:
FirstName (15 chars), MI (1 char), LastName (15 chars)

This way instead of having to add FirstName, MI, and LastName to the structure of each record layout, I would simply add Person.

I played around with it and I’m pretty certain that the current Flat File adapter doesn’t allow for this. That adapter still has a long way to go in my opinion. It’s got a lot of little quirks.

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Thanks for clarif,Well i have no clue as of now.

But i understand composite fields in different way for example take EDIFACT ORDERS,in any FTX segment FTX04 has FTX04(01:02:03:04:05) this is what composite field notation right? In your sample how person will fit in the 3 records in place of FirstName (15 chars), MI (1 char), LastName (15 chars).

Others (Rob,Ray,Mark,Chrisl,Yemi…) please chim in this post with your tricks.



Thanks for the reply. I am also familiar with composite fields in EDI documents, and from what I can tell, the Flat File adapter composite was created to address exactly that. However, I was just wondering if there was any way to leverage the composite field capability to do what I need with fixed-length files. Unfortunately, that does not seem possible. Maybe I’ll create a feature request with webMethods. :slight_smile:

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