Fetching Session attribute in shell/start page rules

Hi All,

Is it possible to fetch the session attribute in the shell or start page rules ?
As we can use the request parameter so might have possiblity for session too.

I have tried with the following syntax:

request.session.parameter(“param”) == “value”
request.session.attribute(“param”) == “value”
session.attribute(“param”) == “value”

But they all are of no avail :frowning:

Could anyone help me on this ?

Thanks & Regards,
Prateek bhatnagar

Try this syntax:

#{sessionScope["param"]} == "value"

Thanks Eric for the reply,

But the syntax is not working for me getting the below error in mws logs

 BindingExpressionConstant: #{sessionScope["xxx"]}=null

Also it is asking for the rule variable while defining the shell rules, not sure what they are Please find the attachement for the same.

Do we have any documentation in particular for this in webmethods 713?