Fault with SAP adapter

I’m currently a user of WebMethods with SAP adapter. I managed to get the configurations (operations, documents, integration component) done and working correctly. However I encounter problems very frequently whereby I had to re-configure the operations, documents, and integration components all over again (with exactly the same settings). Else they will not work/produce any output.

One instance of this is when I trigger my SAP program to send an output to WebMethods document. Very often, I would encounter an ABAP runtime error “CALL_FUNCTION_RECEIVE_ERROR” (error when receiving answer to a remote function call). I don’t think my configurations are wrong since they have worked before. I tried to re-configure the respective settings again but it doesn’t guarantee it will work the next time I try.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help. I’ve already installed all the patches available in the website.

Thank you very much.