Fastpath and buffer flushing - is it needed to flush?


Is it necessary to flush the fastpath buffer if we are adding a new descriptor?

We had changed one of the files in our environment to change a field into a descriptor. and our Mainfarme environment uses fastpath for this file. After the changes, the new descriptor was working properly but the exisitng descriptors and super descriptors began to send wrong values. What could have caused this issues?

Is it because of buffer not being flushed? or is it some other database issues?

When we change an existing field as a decsriptor what layout (internally - other than in adabas inverted list) does the fastpath buffer change?

Would be great if one of you can come up with the answer.


Apologies Ashok, I never noticed this was no responded too!

I’m sure it’s way too late but I can say…

When you alter a file to have a new field (etc) it requires that the file is locked; Adabas signals Fastpath about file lock/unlock which in turn causes Fastpath to clear the cache (for the file) and rebuild when the unlock signal occurs. So there should be no problem.

Having said that, in the past there were some issues with this sort of processing (signal not happening or the cache rest not happening correctly) but they have since been fixed, so if your maintenance is up-to-date you should be ok.

Again apologies, I totally missed this was left unanswered.

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