Failure to read the adapter.cfg file

I have configured an ATC in the local machine, which is configured to point
to the an environment in another server. But whenever I am trying to run the
particular ATC in debug mode, it gives an error …"Could not read
configuration file…no properties are found in the configuration file.
The adapter.cfg file is in proper place.
By the way, sometime back, I found that whenever I close the Adapter
Configuration tool and open again, none of the existing adapters show.
(Don’t know if the problem has the same root, but guess could be that it is
unable to read the cfg file). Is it that the Adapter Configuration tool is
unable to read the adapter.cfg file? When can it happen?
Will appreciate any help regarding this.

What is the local platform?

I lost all the adapter configurations once because the filesystem was full.

If its on unix, make sure that the access/ownership of the adapters.cfg was not changed. By default, adapter monitor process runs as “bin” on Solaris.

I was facing the same problem in my 2000 box. I take a backup of the adapters.cfg file and whenever this happens I will delete the existing adapter.cfg file and stop all wm services and replace the backup copy, it works.

One more problem is sometimes when you create ATC’s it gives this problem and it creates a new file called adapters.cfg1 file along with adapters.cfg file. workarond is copy the contents of the cfg1 file and paste it to the beginning( means after the nonadapter propery entries) of the adapters.cfg file and restart the adapter conf service in Control panel, while doing this it will ask you that adapter conf has been changed outside the tool do u want to fallback say NO, and when you restart everything will work fine

Let me know if you need any clarifications

Try changing the adapters.cfg file after closing the adapter config. tool.


We had the same problem on NT due to ATC adapter, but on Solaris, something different.

In most of cases, the ATC was configured and used today and the PC was shut down. On the second day, the PC restarted and the problem came out. The reason why all configured adapters dispeared is that the adapter_config tool could not read adapter.cfg file. This file is damaged and the format has been changed within the file.

Why the file is damaged? When the PC was restarted, the adapter_monitor was run again to start all of the configured adapters on this local PC-NT. However, for unknown reason, there was not enough memory to allocate ATC threads. So, the adapter.cfg file was damaged. But when the out of memory error happened, it was not possible to see (we did not check the log).

We found this reason from Solaris. On this machine, we configured many ATC adapters and other adapters(too many). If we re-started all of them by running S50adapter40 start, we got a memory panic error, saying like: error alloca_thread (no enough memory). From this ATC adapter, the rest adapters in the config file could not be restarted. The adapter_config tool could be opened to show all the configured adapters which means the tool can read the config file. However, when an adapter was restarted manaully from the tool, the tool could not update the config file because the adapter.cfg file had been damaged. We have to copy back the back-up.

In PC, the config file cannot be read. So, no adapaters there.

Why no memory for ATC threads even though there was still a big memory space on the Solaris machine? Not clear. Can someone here give an idea?


Just to add another two-bits to the discussion.

A couple of versions back, 3.6, there was a bug in one of the tools that could not handle back-slashes in adapter.cfg. The file would be trashed as a result. This was on an NT box. Perhaps this problem has been fixed for some time now.

The solution was to always use forward-slashes when specifying files/directories for any of the adapter fields. All the platforms support using forward-slashes as the directory separator.

Probably a long-shot, but perhaps knowing this might help someone!