Failed to Update Model for Monitoring Connection aborted by peer socket write error

Hi All,

I have generated a business process using Modeler 6.1.5.
However, I am having problems updating the model for monitoring.

The Modeler throws the following exception:

om.wm.bpm.implementation.ImplException: Integration Server invoke: Exception = java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Connection aborted by peer: socket write error.

I am running Integration Server 6.1 and Modeler on separate Windows NT machines.

All my JDBC Pools are running fine.

Does anyone have any clues why this exception occurs?

Thanks for your help.

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“Connection aborted by peer: socket write error”

Error indicates SQL connection having some problem while connecting to PRT database(RepoV3)which is used by Monitor.Please make sure the IS is connecting to this repoV3 (I believe in the IS Extended Settings you have this line “watt.server.auditStore=database”)



Thanks for the response.

I have checked the SQL connection to the PRT database, and all is well. The problem seems to deeper than that. I get the following message in the RepoV3\logs\ directory:

2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 Client connection accepted on link / → 7778
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 Repository Server waiting for client connection requests…
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 [DEBUG8]-unlockEntry(): unlocking key–> id= key=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]/Misc[0]/persist[0], mode=SHARE
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 [DEBUG8]-releaseLock(): releasing lock for–> key=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]/Misc[0]/persist[0], mode=SHARE
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 [DEBUG8]-removeImplicitLock(): removing–> key=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]/Misc[0]/persist[0], from entry=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]/Misc[0]
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 [DEBUG8]-removeImplicitLock(): removing–> key=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]/Misc[0]/persist[0], from entry=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 [DEBUG8]-removeImplicitLock(): removing–> key=$$$wmRootContext[0]/User[0]/Misc[0]/persist[0], from entry=$$$wmRootContext[0]
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 Link Error [/ → 7778]{Unknown Object Type 37} nested Object Type 37
2004/9/8 17:2:9.484 Link down [/ → 7778]

Has anyone come across this error before?

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I have found a thread in the Advantage site which has already seen the error that you are getting in the RepoV3/Logs.This error appliest to Modeler 6.1.5 too.

Unknown Object Type 37 link error in the repo log is thrown for every repov3 session whether repov3 startup and connection is successful or not. It does not describe any repo startup or modeler to repo connection problem. You can safely ignore this error in the future.


The problem was that I was using the drivers to connect to my Oracle database. The JDBC connections obviously worked fine and errors were being entered into the correct tables. However, when you need to upload a model, the drivers didn’t support this action.

I used the DataDirect drivers instead with the following DB URL
jdbc:wm:oracle://<server>:1521;SID=<db_name>. This works fine!

Thanks for your time RMG.