Failed to start FilePolling Listener


I am trying to add file polling port, with the inputs below. But, when I enable it throws error like this,

Error Message:
Failed to start FilePollingListener:D:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\VFSales\MonitorDir*.ord.xml: [FPL.0003.0004] Monitoring Directory does not exist

FYI, Folder exists in the specified path.

running wM on version 6.1

Input parameters:

Package Name : VFTMS
Monitoring Directory : D:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\VFSales\MonitorDir*.ord.xml
Run services as user : Administrator
Processing Service : TPE.Inbound.Order:ProcessInbound400ToOrderTxml

Could you please help.


I think it’s looking for a folder called D:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\VFSales\MonitorDir*.ord.xml. You need to put your *.ord.xml filter in the ‘File Name Filter’ field. HTH,


Thanks Tim.

Yes, corrected per your suggestion. File polling port is enabled. But, I have one more issue. File is not picked by polling service, even after waiting for 10 mins. It is supposed to process within 30 sec.

Could you suggest.


How does the port name appear in the ports list? It should be
If that is correct and there really is a file with an extension of .ord.xml in the directory being polled, then please post the other port settings and maybe someone will see something there. THanks,


Tim, Thanks for briefing. Yes, made it working.

The issue was, file filter was created with wrong.

Thanks again for your help.