fail when addBodyEntry

Hi All,
Appreciate your advice for the problem I facing now.

I tried to create a soap data and add the body entry. below is my sequence:

  1. CreateSoapData

  2. XmlStringToXmlNode

    My problem is, for incoming xml data that having special character for instance (&), when I tried add the body entry after convert to xml node, it will thrown error below. [ISS.0088.9131] Invalid node: must be well-formed XML

this is due to the special character that causes the error above.

I tried to replace (&) with & and it gone thru the addBodyEntry.

When I fire soapHTTP to the backend, the receiver will receive xml data only value (&) OR they will received (&amp)?

Any way to resolved this issue? Please advice. Thanks.

set the encode to true when you invoke the service XmlStringToXmlNode

Enable encoding in the service for characters like &, <, >