Factory with priority.

Hi crew,
im working with XBDv721pl5. My case: two factories defined in the same Host Manager; somebody know if i can assign more resources (memory, CPU…) and more priority to a factory in order to obtain better performance for the tasks of this factory?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Cesar,

You can specify the memory management options for each factory, as JVM options, using the System Management Hub. Select Mediator, your host, Factories, your factory, Configuration, General - and enter the desired JVM parameters. Be sure to consult trhe documentation for you JVM, as there are difference between platforms and implementations.

We do not provide a mechanism for assigning more CPU to a factory, since that is really an operating system function and is outside of our control.

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Thanks for your answer, Mike.

In the other hand, I thought that if every Factory is an JVM, in order to increase priority to this JVM we can launch the process from a “cmd” using 'START /REALTIME ’ (see ‘help start’ from Win2000 command line).
Maybe a wrong proposal… my knowledge about the product is not enought ;-)*

Can we do it…?

Thanks again.

I think starting a JVM with START /REALTIME is not a good idea as most priority will be given to that JVM which will probably prevent anything else from being scheduled. Possibly START/HIGH is better but again consider the impact on other processes within the system.

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Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Of course, I will keep in mind your suggestion, Stuart ;). Thanks!.
However, we are agree that this is the right way to increase priority to a factory…?