Facing problem while using Deployer to deploy package along with ACL

Hi All,
I’m pretty new to webMethods…

While using the Deployer to deploy a newly created package along with it’s ACL, i’m getting a warning message in the Simulate step.The message asks for the ACL should exist before the package should be present or else some service may not be deployed properly.
Do i need to deploy the ACL first and then the package?
Actually I’m deploying the newly created package along with its ACL ,TN profile,doc type and processing rules.

Thanks in advance for your valuable replies.:slight_smile:

In the dependency check for the package, it will list the ACL. Select the appropriate radio button to resolve the dependency. In this case, since you indicated you want to deploy the ACL in the same Deployer project, you’d select the Add option. Deployer will add the ACL to the project (if it isn’t already added). Then simulate will know that the ACL is being deployed and should not indicate an error.

Thanks Rob. Do i need to add only ACL or i need to add the users and groups too along with ACL? In the dependency check it only shows the ACL.

Usually ACL membership is not deployed but is managed separately in each environment. I think you can add them to the Deployer project if that will set up the target environment the way that you want it to be.