Facing problem in inserting values in String Table in 60

i’m facing problem in inserting values in the String Table variable, while trying the following.
1.i’ve output variable called outTable(this is String Table type variable)
2.i’m getting three variables from the loop for each iteration.
3.i need to insert the values in each iteration
4.But, i’m not getting the values for each iteration. i’m getting only the values of last iteration.

Please tell me the solution.

if I understand you right, you get in the loop the variables correct for each row but than you but the variables into another Stringtable and there you can only find the last variables ?
If so, try to drop the variables that you map to the Stringtable right after the MAP Step

Hope that helps

Hi Petrus,

If i understand well i think you will have to use pub.list:appendToStringList service get
all the value in the StringTable.

Thanks & regards,
Soni U

Hi Ralf,
I tried in that way also. But, still i’m getting the last value only.

Hi soni,
Thanks for you prompt reply. i’m very new to use appendToStringList. when i’m trying with this i’m not able to insert three values at a time to tolist.
please help me regarding this

Hi Petrus,

I do not know your implementation but i would like to help you with an example which you can try and then let me know.

  1. As an input let us take a document list variable containing String say “Name” and as output variable lets take a Sting Table.
  2. Now in the service loop over the document List.
  3. Inside loop, map the string “Name” to pipeline String variable say “Name”.
  4. Inside loop call pub.list:appendToStringList service and map String “Name” in Pipeline In to fromItem String of appendToStringList.
    Then map toList of service out to String Table variable.

Run this service and you will get the list with all the values.

Hope this should help you to implement your logic.

Thanks & Regards,
Soni U


Also when using appendToStringlist drop the fromItem (Name)make sure of this and rest follow the soni sugesstions,it will work and exit the loop and check the results/pipeline you will see the StringTable (Stringlist)with all the values.


Hi all,
i think i’m confusing u all, sorry for that. let me explain very clear with example.
i need this output only.

  1. there is one service listing out all the countries list.
    2.there is one more service taking this country name as input and listing out all the cities in that country.
    3.Here is the problem started for me.I’m using one more service which is taking particular city as a input, and give the details of three outputs like temperature,population and time zone.
    In this case, I checked with Individual city. It’s working fine.
    But, my actual need is when i’m selecting particular country, it should list all the cities with the above three variables in the StringTable.
    while i’m trying this one,I’m getting only the last city of the country.
    I think i almost made it very clear. Any one please give me the steps involved to do this.Very Urgent!Please


Upload a sample Package with the above mentioned scenario,services,so that response will be fast.we will see the code and correct if it requires.


The package is in client place. i don’t permission to upload it. can you please tell me the scenario to do.



Probably it needs some detail explanation since it is a critical work and you are new to appendToStringList, so to minimise the time factor i have requested that package to upload…

If possible create some package on your local machine and copy the necessary code(services)and upload it,this way no need to export the client’s whole package.


Hi All,
Thanks to all. especially to RMG.
I got the solution.

Hi, i have same problem with petrus, i only got last value in the string list using append to list.
I have tried an example given by soni, but still not work.
Here the html view of my flow, hope you can help me…

Tutor.zip (9 KB)

I have 4 string variables, say var1,var2,var3 and var4.
and i also have a string table.
now inside a loop, the values of this 4 variable will be change,and
i want to store this variable row wise into my string table
in iteration1:
var1 var2 var3 var4
in iteration2:
var1 var2 var3 var4
var1 var2 var3 var4
in iteration3:
var1 var2 var3 var4
var1 var2 var3 var4
var1 var2 var3 var4

I used appendToStringList() for this issue
but then my stringTable multiply column number,
I dont want to increse column number , my column number must be fixed i.e 4 but i expect it should expand rowwise

kindly suggest any solution.