Facing issue with Adding Salesforce as External authorization servers

Hi I am using webMethods SaaS product to play around with webMethods API Gateway. This is where I am trying to use Salesforce as Idp . I am looking for steps which needs to performed to set this up.

Do I need to setup Provider first and then the Exernal auth server ?


Yes you will need to setup the provider first and please check on the documentation portal for SaaS connectors user guide.



Thanks answering the questions. First thing I am not sure but all the help link with techcommunity are not working anymore to have read about the process.

Secondly coming back to the problem I am trying to solve is.

  1. I am using webMethods API gateway Saas to get used to the product and use it for managing API.
  2. I want to use SalesforceIDp as Oauth provider.
  3. After adding Salesforce introspect URL and adding client id and secret as we are using connected apps.
  4. I do not see any errors while doing any setup.

A step by step guide should be of great help.