Fabric Registrybind


I have an web app, in Jboss, where I publish some webservices with fabric, and from other contexts, I can call these ws, using the URL, like this: Registry.bind( http://localhost:7080/aptServices/services/ServiceServices.wsdl ). This works ok.

But now, I want to call these ws using its interfaces, like this: Registry.bind( IServiceServices.class ), but I got this error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: constraint matched no services: ?glue&monitor&service.interfaceSignature=0C7E58EB-0413-FEAD-74DC-EEC52FA889C2

I can see the services from the console ( http://localhost:7080/aptServices/console?resource=console/consolemain.html ), in the node: Fabric / Glue / Services / Registry.

does somebody could help me ?

Anderson Araujo