Fabric and SOAP Message Queue

Hi All,

I would like to understand how fabric supports the message queue and guaranteed delivery for point to point interactions.
I understand that fabric supports failover but that will be useful Incase If you have additional infrastructure to host multiple web services implementing same Interface.
I have a stituation where I cannot provide mutiple web services.I have one server exposing one service across firewall.
How would I ensure that the my soap message for consuming the web service gets queued up and reaches the desination server.
I would appreciate your response.



I’m not sure I completely understand your question. If the service you expose immediately publishes a guaranteed document (event) or persists the request in some other manner (database insert, etc.) you can be sure that the requested service is executed. The better question is whether the consuming client will wait synchronously for the results.

The exposed service can return a functional acknowledgement immediately after publishing the guaranteed message. The consumer (client) can then either poll to check the status and retrieve the results or the service can push them to the consumer in some manner (reply web service, JMS message, insert rows into DB, write file to folder, etc.).

Was that your question or was it related more to how Fabric routes messages?