Extracting Content from a TN Transaction using Flow Service

Hi All,

I am new to this forum… So, first of all…Hello to you all.

  1. I am trying to use wm.tn.query.DocumentQuery in a FLOW SERVICE to query the TN transactions.

  2. Once I pull up the transactions, I want to retrieve the content part of a transaction. (The same as you can do once you double click a transaction in the transaction analysis in TN Console and then go to the content tab.) I want to achieve this in a flow service. I can extract other attributes but not the content part as a whole.

Any suggestions as to how this can be done will be highly appreciated.

Let me know if you need any more details.

Thanks much

By using the InternalId you can usel pub.tn.doc:view(set getContent=true) service to access the content and then use the query services like wm.tn.query.createDocumentQuery,wm.tn.query.documentQuery to retrieve/extract for the corresponding TN persisted documents.

Pls take time and refer the webMethods Trading Networks Built-In Services Reference userguide for more information about these service.



Thanks a lot for the direction. Something like pub.tn.doc:view was exactly what I needed. It solves my purpose. I already have the internal id from wm.tn.documentquery… and I can pull contents now.

Once again, thanks very much for your time and help…

Your welcome…and very glad to know you make it working.