Extract raw data from the input stream

I have a customer who posts an HTTP stream to my service. But he doesn’t set up a content-type value for the HTTP post. IS doesn’t seem to like it - it put a variable with no name (NULL) in the pipeline and the variable is not visible (anything else would end up with a node, ffdata or contentStream, etc).

I would like to have something like request.getinputstream in JSP/Servlet.

I was reading an ezine where the author mentioned we could use Service.getRequest((Values)pipeline); to get the bytes out. But Developer doesn’t like the class cast from IData to Values.

Any idea?


P.S. A possible workaround is to write a servlet on top of WmTomcat.

Two things you can do:

  1. Unregister the default content-handler of IS, then you can get the content stream into your pipeline.
  2. Register a custom content-handler and have the client/customer pass that in the content-type field of HTTP header.

hope that helps…

FYI… The default cotent handler of IS will split the incoming data into name/value pairs and pass it onto your flow-service.



If I unregister the default handler, the system won’t be able to parse query string name/value pairs - I don’t want to mess up the system. My customer is not willing to change the content-type (actually the customer is using a packaged software and has no clue what is a content-type). So I still need to get the request object.

My current plan is to deploy a simple servlet on top of WmTomcat.


what type of data format are you receiving??

The input data is just an XML string. The problem is that the string doesn’t have a variable name even the content-type was set as application/x-www-form-urlencoded. (I don’t think the customer set it intentionally because x-www-form-urlencoded is the default content type. I think the customer just didn’t do anything about the type or variable name).

When I saved the pipeline, it has an entry like . Usually it would have something like 09262007

I set up a small ASP.NET web app to get the data from inputStream then pass it to wm.tn:receive. I would like to find a way so that I don’t need this extra layer.


Try Service.getRequest(Values.use(pipeline));

The use method is deprecated but it should still function.

I’m not entirely certain this will get the raw request as expected but it’s worth trying.


This works very well!

In Igor Androsov’s ezine he mentioned that developers could use Service.getRequest((Values)pipeline); to get the inputStream. Javac was OK with the code when I saved it, at runtime I got class cast exception. Your way of using Values.use(pipeline) solved the problem. Hopefully webMethods will keep supporting the deprecated functions for backward compatability.

Thanks a lot!