extract field in TN

Can anyone tell me if it is possible in Trading Networks to define an extract field for the below structure? I get an error each time I try to save it.


You can also try to load sample file (file folder icon in the DocumentType section) and specify the extract (xpath) browsing till element in that extract attributes tab.The problem could be xpath syntax above is not able to extract element correctly.


try as RGM suggest…select the schema or sample file from the documenttype and copy + past node which you want…then there will be no more syntax errors…


From the expression you have mentioned it seems, you have right clicked on the attribute in Developer window and selected Copy. :happy:

You can try using “FirstObject XML Editor” which is available at the below link:

You can download the Zipped EXE version, as that will be good enough for your purspose.

You just need to go to the exact attribute for which you want to extract information, right-click on it and select path. The path to that variable will be copied to clipboard and will also be displayed in a bottom pane. You can use this path as part of any usages requiring XPath expressions.

As you might have noticed by now (if you have already tried using it), there are no array index specifications.

One last point, don’t take this post as if I am promoting the above mentioned editor. :wink: I use it extensively in my projects and am very impressed by it. :happy:

I don’t have any sample document but I believe the XPath expression you need is: