extract data from cumulocity and process the data further,

So basically what i am trying to do is if there’s 2 alarm generated then a notification should be sent, so basically the approach i am doing is there’s some devices created and smart rules too for alarm. so ic an see the alarms are generated. So i am trying this approach that whenever the both alarm is generated then it will push these alarms to a script and the script will process the data and send a notification to the monitoring person, Any idea on this?

If I understood your question correctly , your use-case match with data-hub feature of Cumulocity.
You can extract the device data from Cumulocity and put into a data lake for further analysis.

Please note, it is a paid service.

Or if you want to integrate some CRM tools with C8y for further actions, you can use Webmethods.io.

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