External thread dump

can anyone help me how to get the thread dump externally if my IS is installed as SERVICE and it is installed on windows machine…Iam using 7.1.2 version :confused:

Could you please make your point clear for “my IS is installed as SERVICE”.

If your IS is installed on UNIX OS, then you can take the thread dump by firing the command in UNIX,

Kill -3

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You can use stacktrace utility for this, can be downloaded from Microsoft site… additionally there are other tools which performs the same operation and some command line utilities like jps (ported with JDK)…

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i have downloaded the virtualVm to get the thread dump and heap dump of my IS but i am not able to get the thread dump can u help me…

Use Process explorer to get the process ID of the IS Service and then use the Stack trace to get the thread dump (You will need the process ID to get the thread dump from stack trace).


here you go… follow the above post … n u should be good :slight_smile: Revert back if you still stuck at anyplace…

thanks for your information, and when i am running the stack trace with the process ID it is saying “4272 java.exe session:0 threads:174 parent:264
There is no valid license.”

Please visit the below link


There is a resolution in that post!

Open Tools->Local Console and copy/paste the following command:
You will see where is your java web start cache.
You can also run the following command and remove the tool if its is there:
javaws -viewer
Try to save the .jnlp file as text and check the same property. You may have something caching the old version of the file.


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