Extension used by multiple schemas


As far as I know a single Server Extension installed on a database can be used by multiple schemas by specifing for the schemas SXS map-type
and using that extension’s methods.

Well I want periodically to update the schema to map or no the extension. The problem is that a user can’t change the map-type(only by undefining the schema and than defining the updated schema and so loosing all the documents for the schema!).

Can anybody suggest something?
Thank you.

This is indeed what server extensions where not designed to be. You will have a hard time coding around this, so better leave your hands off that schema changes.

How about having the schema mapped to a SXS all the time, and another document inside the DB acts as configuration parameters for the SXS? Then you could tell your SXS there what to do when, and the SXS might store the documents via callbacks in Tamino once, and somewhere else in other times…



Well, if I can’t update the map-type attr, then all schemas must be SXS enabled.
In this case if I got extensions installed on different Tamino databases on the same machine I need the extension to send the database name it is installed on allong with other data.

Can I do that?How?
Thank you.