Extension problems

I’m creating a component extension. I have followed all the steps and I can see my component in the Other Steps submenu.
I have created a sequence with only this component and when I try to execute the sequence, always get the same error:

“com.softwareag.xbridge.exceptions.SequenceException: Component PruebaExtension not configured. Exception = javax.naming.NameNotFoundException[slf5s.MESSAGE]
com.softwareag.xbridge.exceptions.SequenceException: Component PruebaExtension not configured. Exception = javax.naming.NameNotFoundException
at com.softwareag.xbridge.sequencer.KeywordSTEP.getComponent(DashOB6501:211)
at com.softwareag.xbridge.sequencer.KeywordSTEP.execute(DashOB6501:90)
at com.softwareag.xbridge.sequencer.SequencerImpl.execute(DashOB6501:573)
at com.softwareag.xbridge.sequencer.SequencerImpl.dispatch(DashOB6501:293)
at com.softwareag.xbridge.infrastructure.ac.perform(DashOB6501:235)
at com.softwareag.xbridge.util.WorkerThread.run(DashOB6501:424)

I have executed the test sequence of mediatorSampleExtension and runs OK.
I’m using JBoss.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.


The error you are getting is just telling you that the component was never created. If it is created without errors it will be listed in the RMI Registry. I suggest you look more to the logs created at debug level of the component factory startup. This is where you will probably see some kind of exception when the custom component should be created.

- Matthew G.

I am having the same problem. I have followed the steps in the documentation but it gives me the following error in the log:

[slf5s.start]20 ??? 2004 14:47:57,982[slf5s.DATE] RMI TCP Connection(10)-[slf5s.THREAD] ERROR[slf5s.PRIORITY] xbd[slf5s.CATEGORY] - ABCExtension - ObjectGatewayImpl.constructor: (com.softwareag.xbridge.objectgateway.ObjectException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: mycompany.myGateway.ABCExtension:mycompany.myGateway.ABCExtension)[slf5s.MESSAGE]

What went wrong and where I can find more info to debug? Thanks