Extending Entire macro functionality with Visual Basic

I have written some exe programs (with Visual Basic) to extend the functionality some of my Entire scripts.
I was wondering if it is possible (maybe with API) to load the results of the exe into a #Parm variable (directly)
Currently, I use a text file to both pass to the exe and read back using the Entire macro

Any info is appreciated

It has been a while since you posted this but I just found it.
I have done this by writing to a file in VB and reading back the file in the Entire Connection procedure. I have extended string handling and calculation in Entire Connection using this approach. I would love to hear about what you have developed

Ahh - I struggled through coming to the same solution over the course of many long nights in the summer of 2008… wish I would have found these forums then!

Big keys for me were 1. using double quotes around all data being sent and then using one more variable than needed in the NCP file to absorb the extra space - if you don’t do that, the quotes come as part of the string for the last variable. and 2. when writing out data from NCP, write to a .wkg file (or something like that) and then change to .txt when you’re finished. Then in VBA be looking for the .txt and wait a beat before reading to avoid contention.