Extended Setting


I have declared one key value pair in IS extended setting and now i want to use this value in my flow service so that at run time i get value from Extended settings.

I want to know if there is any inbuilt service using which we can get the value for extended setting or if there is any method available?

I have given the key value pair as mentioned below:


I want to get the value “IS65_CENTRAL_DEV” during run time.

I read at one place that we can use services of “wm.server.admin” package. but i dont have the enough access to view this package :frowning:

Thanks in Advance.

Mangat Rai


Set watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=false in the extended setting to view and access the WmRoot package through developer.


You can use “pub.utils:getServerProperty” service from the WmPublic package.