exporting task data

what is the simplest way to export task data out of mws for users to be able to report on say in csv format? is there an out of box solution for this?

We do have Task Charts which will create charts from any Saved Search that you can create, but we don’t have an extensive solution for generating reports. You can also use Task Analytics to create KPIs, but again that doesn’t sound like the solution you need.

If you could describe a sample report, then i might be able to recommend an approach. It will probably involve (as you have already suggested) an export of task data to an external system for reporting.

You could possibly start using the WmTaskclient from IS to iterate through the active tasks and generate an appropriate csv file.


How do you show the task chart report from saved search? This would be helpful to figure out if this meets the need or not.

Creating KPI’s sounds like BAM or is this different?

I will try and find out more detail about the report to add more to this topic later

Please see the Task Engine User’s Guide section named: “Configuring a Task Chart”

You’re correct. This leverages BAM technology from our Optimize product.