Export Packaging


How to Export Port(File Polling ) and Scheduler Details from one box to another




Here is what you have to do,

To export Ports copy the existing config file present in the (webm_Home/IntegrationServer/config/port.cnf)file and import this into another IS

To export Scheduler Details copy the existing config file present in the (webm_Home/IntegrationServer/config/jobs.cnf)file and import this into another IS.

Finally restart IS…you should see all those configurations in the other IS .


One caution… if you are exporting scheduled services set for clustering, first un-click the tick mark for clustering, this will move it from the repsoitory to the jobs.cnf file… then you can inport it into another IS.

If I use the exported .cnf files to overwrite the original ones, will this remove the original IS port/scheduling configurations?

Yes, overwriting cnf files in general will cause you to lose the existing settings.
One more thing: when you copy a cnf file from one system to another, make sure to shut down the target IS before doing so. Some cnf files will be overwritten with values from memory upon shutdown, causing you to lose the newly copied cnf files on a reboot.

And Mike/James,
I will suggest you to exercise caution while copying the ports.cnf file. This file contains the ports information for the IS and if the target server is running on a different HTTP port, you may possibly make server administration render-less.

It also a good practice to make a backup copy of existing cnf files before you play around with the cnf files, just in case!!

  • Saurabh.