Export of webMethods 7.1.2 Tasks in designer


We have a process model in designer which has many task steps. After completion and deployment to MWS, we wanted to take a back up using export wizard from Designer 7.1. We exported the process while selecting the work flow task, the output is a folder with all backed up items. But the problem is when we import the same into another workspace, we can only choose the .process file and the tasks do not get imported. So when we click any task step in the model, we get invalid task id error. We tried backing up at workpsace level and reopening the same workspace in another m/c , but we get lot of error during build. Has any one done the export/import of model-Tasks in 7.1.

Also is deployer capable of deploying the process models and tasks. If so in production environment, do we need to generate the models again and deploy. For models should we use the wmPrt:scanpackage like in 6.5?. For tasks I am not sure how to deploy without generation of model in prod type of environments.

Anand G

Were you able to figure out … how to import Tasks into workSpace.
Please let me know.