Expand and Collapse Panel

I’m looking for a Collapsable Panel that can expand and collapse by clicking a (+)/(-) sign at the top left corner of the panel.

  1. Place the content that should be collapsible inside a hideable panel.
  2. Use a ‘Toggle > One Way Toggle Link’ control to render the +/- link.

Hi, I tied One way toggle link, and One way check box toggle link, they give what I need, however, I want to show + [plus.gif] and - [minus.gif] during the collapse and expand actions… How to achieve that?

I can write that code in simple HTML div tag but somehow cant achieve that with mywebMethods controls

I got followin recommendation (Thx Mark) on how go about doing what we need:

"Instead of using the toggle controls you can use icon(s) and an invokeScriptControl

The Configuration for the Invoke Script Control would be:
Event: onClick
Action: toggle

Then to swap out the to images (plus.gif and minus.gif) you can either use two different image controls (and child scripts) and have one each hidden while the other is active using more scripts, OR, write a script to swap back and forth between the two images with one Icon control."


This doesnt seem to help, the ‘-’ image is not loaded. The plus image is loaded though.