Executing a service

Can any one tell me how to execute a service continously after some time limit.
i mean the service which i need should be executed for every 5 mins or 10 mins. is there service in API or in developer which tells about this.


One can schedule the service to run at a periodic interval (use the administrator page of the Integration Server to do this)



I’m also a facing a similar kind of problem. I have sceduled a service to run every 60 secs. This service has got some adpater services performing deletion updation etc… After activating the scheduler I find that the deletion is not taking place. But when I run the service manually the adapter services are functioning as expected. What could be the problem here? Is the sceduler not invoking the service properly? Or have i missed out anything here? Please advice.

All your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Check the Service Usage stats in Admin Console. You should see the run count of your service increase every minute as the schedule kicks in. Otherwise something is wrong with your scheduler.

Hi Sekay,

Your suggestion solved my purpose. Thanks, I see that my service is being scheduled correctly.

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