Execute UNIX script in a remote box

I want to execute unix scripts in box that is not the Integration server. Can you please help me?



Check out the sample OpenSSH package on Advantage, it will allow you to run remote O/S commands.

– Tim


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your input.

I don’t have control on the UNIX box to make the necessary setting changes. I would like to know if there is a way I can create a service where I can pass the user and host information and run scripts in specified location on the remote box.


Viji - Could you execute a Unix script on the local IS server and have that script execute the remote Unix server’s script?


Thanks for your post.

It would add more Unix Scripts to maintain. Ideally I would like to directly execute the script in the other Unix Box.

Appreciate your input.

If ssh is not an option, then what does the remote machine have that allows you to run a script remotely? Is rsh available?