Execute a specific Flow in a programmed hour

I need Execute a specific Flow in a programmed hour.

sombody know what I do

If you mean to run the service every hour…then
You should schedule that flow service to run every hour.
Go to IntegrationServer admin homepage, server/scheduler and schedule the service to run every 3600 seconds.

Try scheduling complex task in scheduler from administrator console. It allows running service at specified hour.

Not sure if we could confine a task to be executed in a specific amount of time. My first thought goes towards creating custom threads. thread 1 master keeps track of time and thread 2 spun from thread 1 controlled by thread 1.

webMethods Java API doesn’t have control on managing threads finding which threads or hanging etc. I wish they would provide more control or information on threads and processes.

see if you can use timeout property of the service


Yeah, it looks like you need some scheduled task to be done programatically for every certain period of time(repeatedly), I think scheduling a job/flow in webMethods schedular may be best option.