Exception with method TXMLObjectAccessor.update

I am having a problem updating my tamino database from java using the TXMLObjectAccessor class. I am fairly
new to Tamino but I am competent in java and would really appreciate some help from anyone who knows about
the Tamino Java API.

Everything seems to work okay until I call the TXMLObjectAccessor update method in Step 11, at which point I
get a TAccessorException with the message:

Tamino access failure (7935, INOXDE7935, Schema not found, Failed to
locate schema for doctype ‘ctxO:OrganisationalPerson’ in collection ‘contractXOrg’.),
tag: JavaTaminoAPI_4_2_0_53, java: 1.4.1, os: Windows 2000 5.0 ):

The Tamino collection is contractXOrg.
The Document loaded into this collection is ctxO:contractXOrganisation.
The structure of the document is recursive.
The document is as follows:

<ctxO:contractXOrganisation xmlns:ctxO=“contractX/contractXOrganisation”
xsi:schemaLocation=“contractX/contractXOrganisation …\xml\contractXOrganisation.tsd”>

I am using the following steps to get to this point and I think the problem is to do with namespaces and the
fact that I am trying to update a sub-section of a larger document.

I am trying to update an OrganisationPerson but the TXMLObject probably doesn’t point to the correct level.

So my questions are:

How do I update the TXMLObject so that it knows where to put my updated document and secondly, is this actually
the best/correct way to perform the update?

// Step 1 : Define local objects

String aCollection = "contractXOrg";
    TConnection myConnection = null;
    SidTaminoDatabaseConnection aDBConnection = null;
    TXMLObject o = null;
        // Step 2 : Get a Database Connection
        aDBConnection = getTaminoConnection();
        // Step 3 : Obtain a TXMLObjectAccessor with a DOM object model, passing in the collection name
        TXMLObjectAccessor accessor = myConnection.newXMLObjectAccessor(TAccessLocation.newInstance( aCollection ), TDOMObjectModel.getInstance() );

        // Step 4: Find the data we want to update
        TQuery q = TQuery.newInstance("/ctxO:contractXOrganisation/ctxO:OrganisationalUnit/ctxO:OrganisationalPerson[ctxO:cn='" + theUser.getUserName() + "']");

        // Step 5 : Get a transaction object for later commit...
        TLocalTransaction trans = myConnection.useLocalTransactionMode();

        // Step 6: Execute the query and get the response...
        TResponse r = accessor.query(q);
        System.out.println("Response to query getUser(): " + r.getReturnValue());
        // Step 7 : Iterate around any documents we find, should only be one for this user
        // Get an iterator to iterate through the result set (probably just the one result)...
        TXMLObjectIterator it = r.getXMLObjectIterator();

        // Get the first record 
            o = it.next();

        	// Step 8 : Get the Document	
            Document aDoc = (Document)o.getDocument();
         	// Step 9 : Get the Element we want to change    
            NodeList aNodeList = aDoc.getElementsByTagName("ctxO:sn");    
            Element el = (Element)aNodeList.item(0);
            String textVal = el.getFirstChild().getNodeValue();
        	// Step 10 : Change the value
            textVal = el.getFirstChild().getNodeValue();
            // Output the results to see if things have updated 
            System.out.println("\nTest: ");
            // Step 11 : Perform Update

    // Step 12 : Commit and Tidy up	       
        // Commit the transaction...
        // Reset the connection
        // Opposite of useLocalTransactionMode(), NB: the reset() method will perform a rollback

Any help would be most appreciated,

contractXOrganisation.tsd (9.91 KB)

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