Exception Handler for B2B Services

Hi All,

I have created an Exception Handler which needed to handle any exception occured ducring process within my B2B services. I have all of my services within a folder called ‘Inbound’. Now setting up Exception Hanlder within Event Manager(throguh B2B Integrator) I configure filter string as ‘Inbound.*’ i.e. if any exception occur within a service of folder Inbound then Exception Handler will be invoked.
Some of my services call another services from other packages e.g. WmPublic. now I found that my Exception Handler is not invoked if an exception occurs within these outside package services e.g. exception Handler does not work if exception occur in service pub.client.smtp

Does anybody have clue why it happens? All kind of solution to handle this situation are welcome.

Thanks in Advance.

We had the same problem and created an eventhandler flow service and stopped using the webMethods eventhandler.