Excel spreadsheet datasource sample

Hello everyone,

I’m a webMethods 8.2.2 user and I’m trying to include an Excel sheet in a CAF portlet application. I also saw that Software AG have posted some CAF samples in : http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/codesamples/webmethods/caf/SAMPLE-20110610163143312.html and I thought that the “Spreadsheet Data Source” page component sample could be really useful to me. So I downloaded the archive and I followed their instructions in order to import this as a Legacy Portlet…

However, all I have now is a “wm_spreadsheetdatasource” project in my workspace that I don’t know how to use :

  • it doesn’t have a WebContent folder
  • the portlet.xml file is not recognized by Designer as a portlet (it can be opened but only as an xml file)
  • it is not executable for there is no main class
  • there is no new control in my Designer palette, no new application in MWS, nothing.

Does anyone have a hint ? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

That is a pretty old (legacy) sample that was created before CAF so it doesn’t integrate very well new projects. I don’t believe there is an updated version of this sample for a CAF based scenario.

But perhaps you could use the java source code from that old sample as inspiration for doing something similar in a CAF project. You can see how that legacy portlet uses the Apache POI library (from http://poi.apache.org/) to read and write the excel file.