Event Processing Failed -- Decoder Microservice

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I have a LwM2M Decoder microservice which is developed in Python (using Flask).

The microservice decoder creates several different children devices and creates measurements for these children devices.

The microservice makes 64 API requests to the Cumulocity Backend and takes about 20-30 seconds to run.

I am wondering if there is a timeout period as I am finding I am getting “Event Processing failed”, even though the response is well formed:

    "alarms": [],
    "events": [],
    "measurements": [],
    "dataFragments": [],
    "success": true

I am responding with a HTTP response code of 200. I have verified this by running the python program locally simulating the decoder environment.

The “c8y_retry_count” reaches 6, it seems the LwM2M agent isn’t validating the response.

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


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