Event based monitoring on schedulers


We have a requirement where we have to automate scheduler state monitoring. Alert must be triggered on scheduler creation/deletion, activation/suspension. The alert message should include details with user Id, date, time, & if possible IP address.

Please suggest…

Hi Gaurav,

I would have done like this –

For eg. suspending a task, we have inbuilt service
%case ‘suspend’%

%invoke wm.server.schedule:suspendUserTask%
This is listed in scheduler.dsp under WmRoot/pub.

Write a wrapper service(myPkg.AlertNotify:suspendTask) in which -

  1. Get the session details(inbuilt services) to retrieve user, sessionid, ip etc
  2. Alert an email or some notification
  3. Call the orginal service %invoke wm.server.schedule:suspendUserTask%

Once the service is done,
In the scheduler.dsp, replace %invoke wm.server.schedule:suspendUserTask% with %myPkg.AlertNotify:suspendTask%.

Similary you can do for other functions of Addition/Deletion of Scheduled tasks.

Be causious while you handle .dsp. It is ok if you just change the service names. Always take a backup before you try.

Hope it helps.

This seems doable but always at your own risk and take a back up notes as suggested.

Happy Holidays!